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Professional info

I was given the opportunity to study with T. Moraiti, an accomplished painter when I turned 18, however my father was not thrilled at the idea of me becoming a painter, so I made a living..... singing.  He could not fight me on that, since he was a singer himself.

I spent the next 17 years singing in hotels and Clubs in the UK, Greece and the Greek islands, teaching Friends and exercising therapy. I went on TV, had my own programs as a producer and presenter, and lived an exciting life, travelling and gathering friends.

When my daughter was born, I switched to copywriting, blog writing and was published while still teaching privately.  However, I was living in Greece during the crisis and life became hard for a while.

Denmark was my new home after 2012, and I started working in schools as a vocal specialist, art and French teacher, while I opened my therapy practice.

My objective for the future is to live in a small, old cottage in the middle of nature, with chicken and cats, and work as an artist, doing commissions and selling my paintings, painted in my own particular style. And give therapy to all who need it.

What a great life it will be.





A bit of Danish

Work experience

Vocal expertise

Creative writing

Therapy and counseling

Body work


Event planning/Project managing

Talent scouting

2010 - present

Writer/Voice artist

​2010 - present


Teacher ( French, vocal positioning and art)

1988 - present

2010 - present




Teaching system



Drawing is the only talent that is learnable, as it is a practice in looking at things differently. It is a matter of knowing your materials and techniques. All it takes is practice.



Languages are sound. Grammar is good, but the important thing is to hear sounds we do not possess in our own language, and to reproduce them. Then recognize them on paper. For French, I focus on diphthongs from the start and exercise the eyes and mouth with vocal exercises, training muscles the student never knew he had.

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