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Watercolor challenges

Watercolor is a medium I recently warmed up to, I was avoiding it like the plague. The reason is that I was trained in oil, where we go from darker to lighter, layering one on top of the other. To be forced to think of the light in omission and then paint from light to dark was painful to me.

Nevertheless, I warmed up to it, and I'm quite enjoying it now.

So today I felt like trying some watercolor pencils my daughter had around, and I picked up a tutorial from Kirsty Partridge, a remarkable artist, to get to the mind of the "fur". My pencils were not the same quality as hers ( especially the white) so I used white gel in the end.

I suggest you try to do the same, and then you can experiment with a photo of your animal.

Learning entails failure and success, so let's go, The result is not what is important, but learning how to do this technique.

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