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Train your eyes

Here we have a simple exercise to start really looking. Sitcom pictures work the best due to the lights they have in studios.

Watch these 3 pictures of Friends. Try to locate the source of light. Find the areas where the light falls and which areas are darker. You see, faces are not pink or white, but filled with colored palettes and patches.

Here it is. On Ross, the most interesting part is the contrast of the chin, dark under the lip then very bright, then dark. That will look fantastic on paper if captured correctly.

Rachel's picture was enhanced - you can do that if you are lost, and immediately the bright parts stood out, not only her nose and upper lip but also her hair.

Joey has someone next to him off-camera, and that is why his left side (our left) is less bright and exposed.

So, this week's exercise is for you to start looking, really looking at people and actors, not the way you were used to doing it, which was an interpretation, but actually look at them as bodies and masses that play hide and seek with the sun.

Have fun!

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