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It's all about that shade

All about that shade, about that shade.

First, let me tell you that EVERYBODY can draw. It is the only talent that can be taught. Do you want your child to become an artist? Be ecstatic to all the scribbles and mush he presents, and hang in there until the day it clicks. Encourage them by buying them nice paper, and plenty of supplies that inspire, and you will see what I have seen for the past 20 years.

Drawing is innate in all of us and once you know how to use the equipment and the tools, it is as simple as knowing that an oven is for baking and a pan with oil for frying. You can substitute one for the other, but the results won't be the same.

And here, with this blog, I will show you all my secrets. The rest is solely up to you.

So, let's start this first lesson with one simple question. Have you seen that "dress" that divided the internet a few years back?

Some see a white dress and some a blue dress. The eyes interpret things, and that is why optical illusions are so interesting and telling. The eyes, don't see, the brain does and when it doesn't, it recreates a memory. If someone is driving the same road every day and hits an animal, swearing he didn't see it, he is telling the truth. The mind recreates the memory.

In drawing, we recreate what we interpret, and usually, we do outlines, which is the first major mistake. Drawing should be about finding shapes, one next to another, and putting the right values, and tones. This one is dark, this one is light, and this one is white.

Try this first exercise, try to draw an eye by not lifting the pencil, and without caring about proportions. What we aim for is perspective, shadow, texture and to follow one shape after the other instead of outlining.

Practice as much as possible.

Utensils used are 4B pencil, a q-tip or stump, chamois, or an old t-shirt.

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